Adding admissible filename extensions for editing in DT


I’m glad to see that “indexed files” are now editable in DT. This opens up a small window to interface between the closed world of DT and open world of plain text oriented applications, such as TextMate, WriteRoom, TaskPaper, etc.

Now there are a few problems. TaskPaper as well as taskpaper bundle of TextMate require .todo or .taskpaper where the content is plain text with simple markup language. There are a host of examples like that, where the contents are plain text but the extension is something other than .txt. Is there a good way to add a list of admissible extensions to DT?

Also, I noticed that DT only checks if the linked file is updated when the file is deselected and reselected. Is there a way to do this more frequently, so that DT does not miss updates made by other apps while two apps have one file open simultaneously?

Another thing I wish DT had is auto index. Can I specify a list of folders and have DT watch them while it is running? I can just throw files in that folder while DT isn’t running, but the next time I use DT, they should become available for searching, viewing and editing (if the format is appropriate).



The next beta will support this automatically.

I’m looking forward to seeing/using it. Thanks. Ryuji