Adding bookmarks to global inbox?

For me the new global inbox’s ability to add info without opening DT is a major new feature. Is there a way to add bookmarks to the global inbox?

Are you wanting to save bookmarks in the global Inbox, create bookmarks to access the global Inbox, or something else? Maybe you have a specific example of what you’d like to do?

I would like to create a bookmark & have it placed in the global inbox, while DT is closed…so that I can sort them later when I open the app. I’ve tried grabbing the favicon from the browser into putting it in the inbox tab, but that creates a web archive. If I use the DT bookmark bookmarklet, it creates the bookmark, but then opens DT. Maybe there’s an obvious way to do this & I’m just missing it.

Which browser are using? By “Inbox tab” do you mean the DT Inbox in a Finder window sidebar?

When I drag a favicon or other link object from Safari 4 on 10.5.7 to the DT Inbox (in Finder’s sidebar or an open window) a Bookmark document Kind is created in DT next time it launches. I don’t use Firefox so I can’t test with that, though it works with other apps besides Safari (e.g. Mail).

The concept is simple: any valid .webloc file imported to DT will be a Bookmark. And certain other .*loc files, like .afploc and .inetloc but not .vncloc.

Strange…I’ve tried this with both Safari 4 & Firefox w/ 10.5.7. When I drag a favicon into the Inbox (the tab in the Finder’s sidebar or an open window) & then open DT, a web archive is created in DT…not a bookmark.

I suggest checking the file Kind (e.g. using File > Get Info (Command-I) in Finder) after dragging the favicon to Inbox, before launching DT, to make sure it’s Web Internet Location:

Kind - Web Internet Location.png
I don’t see any Preferences in DTPO that would cause it to do webloc to webarchive conversions so it seems like the original, pre-imported file is already a webarchive.

Not sure it matters, but which version of DT are you running?

Sorry I don’t see a way to see the file that I’ve placed in the tabbed finder inbox. But when I drag the favicon first onto the desktop it is definitely a .webloc file, but when I drag it into the inbox & then open DT 2.0bp5 it becomes a web archive. If I bypass the finder inbox & just drop it onto the opened DT it is a bookmark.

You should be able to open the Inbox folder like any other one. Are you sure your dropping it in the Inbox and not the DT Sorter?

Well my face is red…I guess I thought that the the Devonthink tab installed on the left side of the finder was the inbox…I guess that’s the sorter. When DT is closed where is the inbox? This gets back to my original question…is there a way to add a bookmark to DT w/out opening the application?..if I drag & drop other files onto the inbox in the sorter…they stay until I open the app & then appear in the inbox in DT…it seems that DT converts .webloc files placed in the inbox in the sorter to web archives when DT is opened.

I don’t know how you ended up with Sorter in Finder’s sidebar unless you manually dragged it there. :confused:

Sorter is a separate app with a Desktop tab to open/close it; check the Help documentation for more info. The special Global Inbox can be installed in Finder’s sidebar with the installer dialog; there may be info about it in Help, too.

See: here

Get the Global Inbox working, add .webloc files there when DT isn’t running, and they’ll be added as bookmarks when DT launches.

I vaguely remember seeing a thread discussing files conversions happening when certain items are added to Sorter. Try searching for it if you’re adventurous. :slight_smile:

The Sorter does not convert anything, the only thing that determines the file type is the modifiers you use when you drag something into it. (With exceptions for certain browsers: links dragged from Firefox & friends and OmniWeb always end up as webarchives). See the online help inside DEVONthink for more information.

Ya know, it’s real nice to see the feeds for this forum in RSS whilst in DTP so I see things like this from time to time.

Here’s the OP’s answer. He is not wrong, and there is a way.

See this thread, toward the end:


Actually I noticed a typo in that reference, the move and link keys were swapped in my description. :wink:

I thought it was just my weird key assignments - but no matter - just keep trying one modifier or another and it will work soon enough! :mrgreen:

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. When I try to command-drag on the favicon & drag it into the sorter…the entire address window disappears.

Also, my version of DTP 2.0 pb5 still has the old help file in it.

OK…I see that command-drag with a link into the sorter creates a bookmark. I’m trying to figure out if there is way to create a bookmark without actually opening the app…the bookmark bookmarklet does exactly what I’m trying to accomplish…but it opens the app…is there a way to do the same thing, but without actually opening DTP.

OK, hold on. DTP need not be running to put a bookmark of any given page into the sorter.

(disclaimer: my modifiers have all kinds of weird utilities I use that may make the actual keys different, like Zooom, for example)

DT not running, I can cmd-opt-shift drag the url picon from safari to the sorter’s inbox. During the drag, you see the little curved arrow similar to an alias in the finder to indicate that this is a bookmark, not another type of document.

When I then open DTP, there the bookmark is, in the inbox. It is a bookmark, not an archive. If I had done a straight drag into the sorter it would have been an archive.

OK for you?

Whew…thank you that’s exactly what I was looking for…cmd-opt-shift drag it is! I guess there’s no way to also do this w/ Firefox (I use both browsers).

Thanks for clarifying that. I was mistakenly thinking Sorter did the conversion rather than the latter exceptions.

I’ve already mentioned several times that one way to to it is by adding .webloc files to the global Inbox (see the inbox in finder thread). Or use Sorter, as other people have explained. Actually, neither of those methods creates the bookmarks in DT until the next times it’s launched or is already running.

It’s about time I did something worthwhile. Glad it worked. Now Firefox is different kettle of fish altogether. I like it from time to time, but it doesn’t play nice with the DevonWorld. Doesn’t bother me too much though. My beloved Eudora/Thunderbird behaves in similar quirky, lovable ways. I just pat these stepchildren on the head and smile kindly.