Adding comments and highlights in pdfs

Hi all,

I use DT mainly to organize my literature. Therefore I store pdf files of papers and book chapters in the database. I wondered if there is any feature with which I can either enter comments directly into specific spots of the pdf’s text or highlight important text passages as I read (similar to the functions of Acrobat professional). Also, it seems that I cannot create the wiki links in pdfs, right?

If such functions do not exist, what would you recommend in order to get a similar output?

Cheers, m

Use Launch Path to open the PDF in Preview.

In Preview, you can add text annotations or graphic annotations.

Save the PDF. The next time you view it in DT Pro it will display the annotations.

Sorry, no Wiki links in PDFs.

Thanks for the quick reply. That works! Are my comments at the end searchable through DT?

Cheers, m

If you are using OS X 10.4.x, searchable text annotations can be added to a PDF in Preview.

Remember also that you can add comments to the Comment field of a document’s Info panel, and that text is searchable.

I followed the instructions in this threat and was able to make the comments I created in Preview show in my pdfs, but why won’t the comments I create in Acrobat 7.0 Professional also work. They show up in DTP as a little bubble, but the text doesn’t show up. Any plans to fix this in the future?

Hi, Harreld: Not us. Talk to Adobe.

In the meantime, do text annotations of PDFs with Preview. :slight_smile:

Or rather: send a message to Apple. They decided to use a different annotation mechanism than the one used by Adobe. Therefore the PDFKit that we use doesn’t support them…