Adding documents while syncing

Is it advisable to add documents to one’s DT database while it is syncing? When at home, my slower DSL means it can be a while before the syncing with my cloud database is finished. Meanwhile, I may encounter a document I want added to my DT. Should I wait until the sync is completed to add the document or does it not matter?


Ah…if that’s the case, then DT should have a mechanism that prevents manual modification of its database while syncing is happening.

Eager to hear what DT staff have to say…


Yes, but that’s not prevention of user modification of a database. If it’s something that should not be allowed while syncing, then DT should prevent it. But…is that the case?

Actually, here’s the scoop: Similar to TimeMachine, Sync 1 takes a snapshot and builds a filelist of changes. Any changes to the database - additions, deletions, document modifications,… - are ignored during a Sync process. These would be Synced the next time around. So, just as it’s safe to keep working on your machine while TimeMachine does its backup, it’s safe to continue working while Sync is doing its thing.

Don’t be surprised when the sync is finished that the documents you added / removed / changed during the sync were not synchronized and therefore do not appear in the other instance(s) of the database when they are synced. This is why I advise not to modify the database while synchronizing – if a fully up-to-the-minute sync is expected. IOW, DEVONthink sync is not like a cloud service’s sync.

Exactly! This is the way any snapshot-based sync or backup process works. Anything that happens while the process is running will be handled on the next go-around.

As I thought — the sync will sync exactly what documents there are when the sync process was initiated.