Adding files with URL scheme

I know you can create text, bookmarks, HTML, images, etc. with DTTG’s URL scheme, but I was wondering if there was a way to add files like videos, PDFs, audio files, etc. to DTTG via URL schemes or some other method I’m not thinking of?

I’m trying to build an automation where I can add something to my DTTG inbox, get a link to the item back, and copy it to the clipboard.

Is something like this even possible? Or would I need to wait until more in-depth Shortcuts app integration?

While it’s technically possible in some simple cases, it generally would not be a good idea since the data has to be base64 encoded and added as a parameter. URLs can’t be of infinite length so this could easily fail, especially with larger files like the ones you mentioned.

It would be better to just process the already added file via a Shortcut.

Cool, makes sense, thanks!

No problem