Adding finder and dock items to Xmenu

I’ve just discovered Xmenu, which is a useful application. Is there any way of:

  1. automatically adding all dock items to the user-defined menu?
  2. adding the finder to the user-defined menu?

Many thanks

The only (and therefore easiest :slight_smile:) possibility is to add aliases to the folder ~/Library/XMenu.

Thank you. Can you point me to where I might find a folder containing dock items (and indeed the finder) so that I can add aliases?

Many thanks.

There’s no folder containing Dock items but the desktop items are located in ~/Desktop.

Thank you. My knowledge of the technicalities of OSX is not great. I was hoping to find a ‘finder’ file somewhere so that I can add an alias to the XMenu folder.

Go to System > Library > CoreServices where you find these applications.

Thanks for your patience Bill. It seems that it is not possible to make aliases of items in this folder, so I will abandon my attempt to get them into XMenu.

You can: select an icon and drag it to where you want it while pressing both the Command and Option keys, you’ll see that the icon changes to an alias one. That’s what you have to do since you don’t have write permissions in those folders so the menu in the Finder doesn’t work.

Thank you. That worked perfectly. I don’t suppose there is a hidden folder that contains the current contents of the dock?

No, I don’t think it’s that easy.