Adding footnotes or "internal links" in a RTF

Just wondering if there is a way to add a link to a certain page or piece of text on a file.
For example, if I have a page for reading notes on an edited book, I’d like to have a list of the chapters at the top with a link to each place in the note where I’ve taken notes for that chapter.
I know I can just scroll down until I find it, but I thought there may be a way I can create something like a TOC at the top for easy access to a specific section of the note.
Any ideas?

Rich texts and formatted notes don’t support this but Markdown might be an alternative (but styling is of course more difficult then).

Criss is correct on this. Markdown, specifically MultiMarkdown, supports this by using {{TOC}} in a Markdown document. Any headers you enter show up as an item in the table of contents. Headers also nest, so an H2 header is treated as a sub-item of an H1 header.