adding iMessages/text messages to Devonthink To Go


Can I in Devonthink To Go on iPhone 5/iOS 7.1.1 add iMessages or text messages to existing groups in order to sync them with Devonthink Pro Office on my Mac, so that finally the sent or received text messages/iMessages are on my Mac?

Kind regards, Friedrich

AFAIK, there is no method in Messages on iOS to copy a message to another app – though you could always screen print (two-button click on any iOS device) and import the image into DEVONthink to Go.

Perhaps What’s App would be an alternative?

On OS X, Messages can print screen prints of conversation dialogs.

Quite an interesting idea, but probably unfeasible due to the sandbox nature of Apple’s apps.

Interesting thought. What’s infeasible? Screen print / DTTG import works, over here. I do it frequently. And WhatsApp conversations can be exported (albeit it’s a few more steps).

Yes but what might work for a single user (manual, screenshot or export basis) may not work for the common/casual user, who may expect a fully automated script.

I personally don’t think it is an issue though (iMessages/text messages upload isn’t a significant priority for me).

Somewhat out of scope from this discussion but on the Mac I use Chatology to archive/search Messages (ne iChat) messages, and those can be easily migrated to DEVONthink when at the desktop.

You can also use (again relies on the Mac) PhoneView to pull iMessages off your handset as PDFs or XML/CSV files and then those import nicely into DEVONthink (but again that’s on the Mac not in iOS-space.)

Very interesting thought - I’ve had more and more clients texting me via iMessage, would be great to respond via my inbox, and get the messages archived into their respective DTP groups.