Adding item url to calendar appointment (Bug?)

Hi. The following script adds an appointment to iCal (to the “Home” calendar). The appointment should have the item link in the URL field of the new appointment (allowing access to the relevant DT entry from the new appointment).

This script usually runs fine. For instance, if the DT entry is a text file, I get a new appointment with the same title as the text file and the item link in the url field of the appointment. Clicking on the item link brings up the text file in DT.

However, this script does not work if the DT item is an email which has been added to DT from the Mail application. Note that the URL prints fine in the dialog box which I have added to the code to check its integrity. But the item link isn’t added to the calendar entry’s url field. I think this might be a bug.

Thanks for any help.

Tom S.

Create an appointment from the currently selected item.
Bug (?) when a mail item is selected.

	-- Get the selection
	tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2" to set thisSelection to the selection
	-- Error handling
	if thisSelection is {} then error localized string "Please select a document or group, the try again."
	if (length of thisSelection) > 1 then error localized string "Please select only one document or group, then try again."
	-- Get and format the data we need
	tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2"
		set thisItem to first item of thisSelection
		set theSummary to (name of thisItem) as string
		set thisGroup to current group
		set theName to name of thisItem
		set theUUID to uuid of thisItem
		set theURL to "x-devonthink-item://" & (uuid of thisItem as string)
		-- Note well that this string displays fine in this dialog box
		display dialog theURL buttons {"Cancel", "OK"} default button 2
	end tell
	-- Let the user choose when to receive the reminder
	-- Convert array into localized arrays
	-- Set date
	set theStartDateString to (date string of (current date)) as string
	set theStartDate to (date theStartDateString)
	set theEndDate to theStartDate
	set theChosenCalendarName to "Home"
	-- Add new to do to iCal
	tell application id ""
		tell calendar theChosenCalendarName
			-- Create new to do
			-- Note that theURL which displayed fine earlier is not assigned to caledar appointment
			set theEvent to make event at the end of events with properties {summary:theSummary, start date:theStartDate, end date:theEndDate, url:theURL, allday event:true}
			tell theEvent
				set theAlarm to make display alarm at the end of display alarms with properties {trigger date:theStartDate, trigger interval:-15}
			end tell
			-- Show new to do item in iCal so that the user can edit it right away
			view calendar theChosenCalendarName at theStartDate
			show theEvent
		end tell
	end tell
on error errMsg
	display alert (localized string "Error when adding item to iCal") message errMsg
end try

The UUIDs of emails might contain several characters (e.g. <>) which have to be replaced by percent escapes. To simplify this, I’ll add a new “reference URL” property to the next release so that it won’t be necessary anymore to construct the URL on your own.

That would be outstanding.