Adding links (2.0b7) + Sorter issues

Some confusion here when I drag a link from Safari’s address bar:

  • When I drag it to the Sorter, I get a web archive
  • When I drag it direct to the DT window, I get a bookmark

Surely both actions should produce the same thing?

(I know I’d want a web archive almost every time: I can also see that other folk would want a bookmark almost every time. So the default should be selectable in Preferences — and Option-dragging should produce the opposite of the default. That’s pretty much how other programs I’ve used handle it…)

It would also be useful if right-clicking on a Bookmark item offered a “Covert to Web Archive” option (and vice-versa, though Copy URL offers a workaround there)

While I’m mentioning the Sorter:

  • When it’s attached to the bottom of the screen, it doesn’t seem to be possible to add extra rows — you can’t drag the resize handle down because you’re at the bottom of the screen. You can work around by moving the Sorter to the side, resizing, then moving back, but there has to be a better way than that!

  • Folders don’t indicate which database they’re in: I have the global Inbox plus the Inbox from my Code Snippets database, and they look identical! Perhaps the global inbox could be called “Global Inbox”? At the very least the folder should identify its origin when you hover over it while dragging.

  • Right-clicking and selecting Remove Item doesn’t seem to work in this version — the menu option is greyed out. You can drag folders to empty squares, but you can’t drag them to occupied ones in order to change that square to the new folder, as it just nests the new folder in the old one. This combination means that if you drag something that you didn’t want into the Sorter, it’s there for good.

  • I don’t really like the method of handling the Sorter when an app goes full-screen — the dialog pops up behind the full-screen app, then a minute later I’m distracted by VoiceOver reading it to me as it hasn’t been handled! I’d prefer a preference for “always show”, “never show” and “always ask”, with a list of exceptions below which can be manually edited — so I can set “never show” and then manually add the stuff where I do want the Sorter showing.

Well, that was a rather picky-sounding first post — I do like DevonThink Pro, honest! :slight_smile:

If you hover over the title of a Sorter box, you will see the database it’s in when the “balloon” shows.
The format is: ’ : ’ [ ’ > ’ ]*
You can also change the name and icon of the corresponding group in DT2 and over time it will update in the Sorter. And you can rename the Inbox of a database.

I cannot reproduce the Remove Item nor Remove Group problem you mention here. Note though that there are two right click contexts: the title of the Sorter box and its contents, both have different right click menus. If you want to remove a box you can also drag the item away from the window.
If it doesn’t work, what do you see in the Console (found in Applications > Utilities) when you search for “DEVON”? and send it to

Thanks — but the problem I was having was hovering when dragging an item. There’s no indication then, and it’s a pain to abort the drag, find your target, and then re-drag. (Admittedly, it could get a bit messy if you’re dragging a URL from Safari, as they’re quite wide to start with!)

Got it — I was right clicking on the contents, not the title. I didn’t realise they had separate menus. You’d think I’d have thought to try dragging it out, considering that’s the standard Mac way, though :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help…

Also the next release should be a bit smarter and non-intrusive about full screen detection and notification.