Adding New Groups in "Classify"

I really like the “Classify” feature that recommends groups. The difficulty is if I want to file something to existing AND new groups. There is no way in “Classify” to add a new group and clicking “Move To” deletes all replicants no matter how created and no matter where located. The only way I’ve managed to file something to existing and new groups is to click “Move To”, hunt down the file, and then replicate to the new groups.

A feature to allow either “Move To” to not delete replicants or “Classify” to create new groups would be highly appreciated.

That behavior with annihilating Replicants smells like a bug to me.

coughs Perhaps a side effect of the design decision that prevents replicants from being renamed – like, there’s a “Location” field that has multiple values if a document is a replicant, and “Move To” replaces the entire contents of the field with the new value.