Adding replicants to a linked folder ...

Hi DevonThinkers,

I have a statements folder in my banking app, deeply buried in some library folder.

I linked this folder to my financial db in Devonthink.

When I add PDF files into this folder, they are not automatically replicated in the linked folder of my banking app.

How do I add files as replicants there?


DEVONthink is not tied intimately with the filesystem, so it is not moving filesout of DEVONthink into external folders.

You can right-click and choose Move To External Folder.
Also, you can attach a triggered script to the indexed location in DEVONthink that will move (deconsolidate) the files to the external folder when you select the group.

I’ve attached a simple version that can be put wherever you want in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts. Attach it by selecting the group and opening the Info pane (Tools > Show Info or the blue info button in the Toolbar). Click the Select button next to the Script edit field.

(Ignore the script’s name. It isn’t Sync really. It’s OLD and just the name I had chosen. You can rename it as you’d like, if desired).
BiDirectional (1.7 KB)