Adding scriptability to DTP Sorter

I’ve been tinkering around with my process and how I keep/archive/use info. This has led to moving some things from EverNote to DTP using (A fine effort.)

But it occurs to me that I’d kinda prefer if these documents just went into the sorter’s inbox. Sadly, the sorter does not appear to support AppleScript. Would be nice to have some fundamental script support for the Sorter:

Iterate through cells w/ ability to get cell name. (E.G., “Inbox”)
Iterate through a cell’s documents w/ ability to get doc name
add a document to a cell
delete a document from a cell

Just an idea thrown out there for the Someday-Maybe list.

Count me as interested, too.

I was just thinking of autosorting downloads to the appropriate locations in my Filing Cabinet database. I don’t always have it opened, so I like to drop items into the Sorter so they’ll be imported when I do open it.


+1 for Sorter scriptability.

Christian, any thoughts on this?