Adding space at end of text file

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this has been raised before as I’m not really sure what to search for to check. I’ve tried a few searches and can’t see anything similar…

I would like to see a similar function to the one that BBEdit has where you can elect to have a half-screen or full-screen of extra space at the end of your text files. This means that cmd-downArrowing to the end of the document leaves the text of the document halfway up or at the top of the screen rather than flush to the bottom of the editing window. You can obviously accomplish the same thing by adding in 20 or so hard returns at the end of your documents, but I wonder if this is something that can be done in a less hands-on way? If not, is this a possibility for a future version? I find it a very distracting way to work on a long document, having the active editing line permanently tied to the bottom of the editing window.



Hi Nigel,

it is ‘typewriter scrolling’ you are asking for.

There has been some discussions on the forums before, but apparently no answer from the developers. Maybe you want to have a look here:

I like the feature in Scrivener. You can easily turn it on and off. You use it when you need it. The fact it is not implemented in Devonthink is the reason, why I don’t use DT for writing.

I don’t know if it would be difficult to implement. The workaround inserting some hard returns is not very comfortable. There should be at least some space at the end of the document. Maybe we will get it with DT 2.0? :wink:


Thanks Ursula - I knew there was a term for the feature! Its always surprised me that this is not the default for text editing - the otherwise great TextMate doesn’t support this even though it’s (IMHO) nearest rival, BBEdit, does. I’ve tried scrivener but I found it too difficult to import my (rather large, markdown format) existing text files into the Scrivener format.

As you say, fingers crossed for this feature in 2.0!


I strongly agree.

It’d be fairly simple to have an AppleScript recurse through each text file and add the hard returns at the end, but it’d be sort of messy and I’ve not had luck getting "the plain text of " in AppleScript to maintain formatting, so you might lose all your rich text information whenever this is done. Dunno if that’s due to my stupidity or a real limitation.

I don’t know how the real functionality would really be implemented, though (but I’m not a programmer by any stretch, so who knows?).