Adding specific webpage crashes DT3

In DT3 (v3.8.7), I added as a bookmark and I get the spinning balloon - Application not responding. After waiting a few minutes where it still hasn’t resolved, I will force quit DT. It seems specific to this page because I added the homepage for the domain as well.

It’s possible there’s some web tech incompatible with the WebKit in DEVONthink. Let me see if it freezes me here too.

What OS are you running?

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I’m on MacOS 12.6

WFM. MacOS 13.1. However, there’s a problem with some of the resources due to CORS, according to Firefox. Safari doesn’t complain about that.

Yeah, I’m not seeing an issue on my Ventura Mac (13.2 beta). I’ll be on my Monterey Mac in a bit.

Thanks for helping so far. Some other pages that have issues, when added to DT3

All from the same domain.

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Same problem for me here, on MacOS 12.6.2. DT hangs completely.

Same website or a different one?

Same URL

Did you get the same bug on Monterey?