Adding tag to multi-items that already have different tags?

The UI for selecting a group of items and adding a tag to them all at the same time seems to be only setup to be usable if you want all of them to have exactly the same tags, how do you add the same tag to several items without losing any other tagging differences?

When I start to get into complex categorization I’m running into a brick wall. I’ve got a lot of items that are placed in a complex hierarchy and I’m now adding additional classifications to group together things to show relationships of things that cross hierarchy lines, if that makes sense.

The problem is, I can’t figure out how to apply a new tag to 20 (for instance) different things that I have multi-selected, if the different items have other tags that they do NOT have in common.

Is there an alternative method in the UI for adding tags to multiple items that I haven’t stumbled across yet?

Thanks in advance for any assistance/advice! :slight_smile:

A search on “add tags to multiple items” in the “Advanced search” box up in the righthand corner yields this contribution from @acoyne. There are other solutions posted in the forum.

Thanks korm! My searchfu must have been weak… I’m not quite used to this particular forum system, we’re usually working in vBulletin and (now) XenForo. :wink: