Additonal Plugins in News

Im not shure that I have understand the work of search sets and plugins.

I will search “news” by using german online news sites

For example.

“Spiegel”, “FAZ”, “tagesschau”

So I must store this sites in search sets in Internet fast scan with plugins.
But in which way can I store this plugins ?

Jochen (.de)

You don’t have to use plugins as you’re scanning sites but not querying search engines. Therefore…

  1. Open the “Search Sets” panel (see Tools menu)
  2. Click the “+” button in the lower left corner to create a new search set
  3. Enter a name for the new set and press return
  4. Select the “Sites” tab
  5. Add the URLs you want to scan

Finally, open a search window and select the new search set via the menu in the left corner of the search field.

Thanks and ups

My trial is finished and I will asks without use of DA
I will buy this application.


What’s the reason that DA has plugins when I use your solution.
I don’t understand your answer, my english is not so good ;-(

You don’t have to use plugins as you’re scanning sites but not querying search engines. Therefore…<

Jochen (.de)

Plugins are used to query search engines, to retrieve the results and scan them. That’s great to search for unknown sites.

Defining a list of sites on the other hand is great to scan already known sites (see Marketing search set for example - this set contains around 200 Macintosh websites).

Good day!
My situation is similar to the original poster’s:
I am interested in restricting my search to certain sites, or even subsites of a domain name (eg: *.gov… )
I can think of three easy ways to search within a site:

  1. Crawl from the front page
  2. use a search form within the site
  3. Use a site constraint on search engines (eg site:gov in google.)

The site tab in the search definition accomplishes 1; 2 can be done by defining a plugin (which I am sure could be made easier), but only if the site has a search form; but I have not found how to do 3 within DevonAgent. The Internet and Google built-in plugins do not recognize the site: syntax, and it becomes a hard constraint on the pages (so nothing is returned). I suspect I can use LinksMatching to define limitations in a plugin, but that means I have to define a new plugin for each subsite definition. Is there a way to make this more general?

Thank you for your attention.