addresses in DTPro

I am wondering, if I should use DTPro for manging my addresses. Should I import all my addresses from my apple address book to the DTPro database? I actually can’t see much sense in it. Or is there any way of synchronizing addresses between the Address book and the DTPro database? Did I miss anything? Should I really trash my apple address book and work only DTPro? Rather not. Or what do you think?

I certainly haven’t trashed my Address Book application and database! I find it indispensable for sending Mail messages, for one thing. :slight_smile: If I were doing mailing lists, I would find Address Book a great convenience.

So I would not recommend trashing Address Book and its database.

On the other hand, I do also manage much of my contact data in DT Pro. I can search for phone numbers, birthdays and the like faster in DT Pro than in Address Book. Example: I’ve got cable TV and broadband internet service from a local provider. If I’ve got a problem or question, that contact is in my DT Pro database and pops up immediately when I do a search. Better yet, I keep a running, dated log written in that rich text document about why I called and the company’s response or action.

So I use Address Book and DT Pro in complementary ways. I’ve got data in Address Book that I haven’t bothered to enter into DT Pro. I’ve got LOTS of information in DT Pro that I haven’t bothered to enter into Address Book. Works for me.

that sounds reasonable - thank you!

I too have found that both Addrss book and DT Pro are useful in their own ways. What is tripping me up is keeping the two synchronised. I started with an import of my address book and later wanted to bring in updates done in address book. What happened is that the entire book was brought in as a second address book. I can delete the old one but then all the links are gone.
What is the workflow to do a simple update of the address book?

I just wanted to bump this question of address book synching with DTP. Particularly since, in my usage scenario, I need to use Address Book to share these work contacts with the office – but on my own machine I really like the address book database that DTPo creates (and the possibility of copying a replicant into a folder with other docs and notes related to that contact!).

If there isn’t a DTP automated way to sync resources, are there work-arounds folks have liked?

Here’s the workaround that occurs to me:

  1. sync an addressbook group to DTPo
  2. create a new Group in Address Book for “After[date]”
  3. make changes ONLY to Address Book, even when I am working in DTPO and see something I want to change.
  4. Import “After[date]” group into DTPo – add to contacts there (there will be duplicates in sheet – so need to remember to get rid of duplicates!) Delete “After[date]”
  5. Create a new “After[date]” group in Address book

Hmmm. this sounds a bit lengthy. I have a feeling I’ll really wanna throw notes on this in DTPo and will reach a position where I"m nervous about which addresses are current. Advice?