Addressing items in the folder list


would it please be possible to be able to reveal a document or folder in the database AND focusing it in the left pane tree even when it’s a member of the favorites.

F. e. I created a new subfolder on a favorite folder and want to move some items from the global inbox to that subfolder. I am not able to address this subfolder without searching it in the tree manually.

Generally I would find it really helpful if the corresponding folder would be focussed in the tree when choosing a favorite item (optional).


Actually revealing doesn’t use the favorites. A screenshot showing what exactly you would like to reveal would be appreciated, thanks.

If you click on a favorite folder and then use the main window for revealing a document or subfolder just nothing happens. Sometime (I could not find out when) just the database gets selected in the left pane never the actual path of the folder is getting expanded and focussed.

Which view does the favorite use?