Adobe Acrobat DC Pro & import documents in DevonThink

Hi everybody,
I daily use Acrobat DC Pro for organise pdf, implement pages to a pdf or other stuffs… anyone knows a way to import the pdf in DT, directly from Acrobat DC Pro after the modify to a document, for example?


I don’t have Acrobat DC Pro to test this out, but when I’m working with a file in another app than DEVONthink, if that file did not originate in a DEVONthink database, then I do a File/SaveAs… into DEVONthink’s Global Inbox. The Global Inbox discussed in the outstanding “DEVONthink Manual”. Another way would be to save the file wherever you want in the File System, then with Finder drag and drop it onto a DEVONthink database/group.

I’m guessing there are probably other ways that others may chip in about, but these two ways that I do it.

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thank you, it’s clear… I have also found this interesting blog article:

How to Get Data into the Global Inbox


Glad you found it useful.

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