Adobe question

Pardon me if this sounds very newbie, but I have many downloaded pdfs which open in Adobe. What’s the easiest way to get these into a specific group in Devonthink Pro Office? I now use the laborious process of saving the pdf in Adobe, then opening finder and dragging the pdf to the devonthink dock icon and then choosing which group. Is there an easier way to accomplish this task?

Tools > Show/Hide Groups & Tags (Control-Command-G) will toggle a floating, movable panel where you can drop documents to desired locations. See related topics.

I’m not sure why you’re having to save them from within Adobe Reader? Sure they are already PDF files on your disk somewhere? Take sjk’s approach and open the Groups and Tags window. Then navigate to where your PDF files are with Finder and then drag them all straight to the desired folder on the G&T window.