Advanced queries with 'tags' not showing any results

I found something odd with the advanced queries (or queries with multiple conditions?) in DTTG. When I’m searching for items with tags on them like (keyword tags:some-tag), I get no results; however, if I change the tags condition to item:tagged, then the result pop up.

The screenshots were taken on an iPad, running iPadOS 15.2.1, DTTG ver 3.3.1. This was done on a separate DB to test if it reoccurs. I’ve tried reindex-metadata URL command, but it didn’t fix the problem.

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(Taking back everything I wrote) I can confirm that behaviour; searching for an item which is tagged works so long as I only search tags:name_of_tag, but fails as soon as I add any other condition.

To add: following reindexing tags:name_of_tag first_part_of_filename showed the records until I pressed enter, at which point zero results were returned. Following searches reveal nothing until I kill DTTG and reopen it, at which point the phenomenon returns. One single record - which, as the only one I tagged in DTTG - does not conform and doesn’t appear in the initial list.

@eboehnisch This looks like a bug to me.

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I try since two hours to find out what the problem is!
I even completely re-installed DT2Go and have now to re-sync dozens of GB of data :frowning:

I just created a test DB on my iPhone (after re-installing DT2Go there without syncing any existing DBs) containing a single markdown file and two Tags. I can only search for ONE item (name, tag), as soon as I add a 2nd search item it fails - search is completely broken.

May this belong to the recent 15.2.1 iOS update or DT2Go 3.3.1?

And I did all available maintenance tasks…

I have already filed an issue on this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Found & fixed for the next maintenance release.