Advanced Search Issues

When I try to run an advanced search and choose “Content” as a parameter, I can’t choose “contains” – it seems to be locked to “matches”. Is this expected behavior, or am I seeing a bug?

I’m trying to make a smart group that includes any emails that contain a link to a specific google doc. I’ve tried the “URL” parameter, but that didn’t find anything either. :confused:

In the rules for the smart group, you might try enclosing the URL in * - I’ve found that sometimes helps. Is the URL visible to you in the document or are you seeing an alias (i.e. are you seeing http… or a link?)

Sorry, I’m kind of a rookie, but by “enclosing” do you mean putting a “*” at the beginning and end of the URL?

And yes, the URL is hyperlinked to text, so it’s not visible in the email until clicking or previewing, if that makes sense.

That’s right, *yourURL* l is what I would try; no promises though :wink: I fear the URL won’t be part of the text layer under the circumstances, and isn’t being found for that reason. Let me know if * works and I’ll see if I can come up with any other suggestions during the day.

Try Content matches *<name of Google doc>*, replacing the name here.

Thanks for the suggestions @Blanc and @BLUEFROG. I tried both those, but they didn’t seem to work. I’m able to find emails with that doc using “name of google doc” but sometimes people just copy and paste the link to the doc from their browser search bar into an email and I lose the name of the document there. That’s why I was figuring the link was the best option because people could do an official share (that would include the name of the doc,) or they could do a quick and dirty copy+paste of the long URL and I could catch both since the doc’s URL stays the same regardless, if that makes sense.

But then you could simply use two search criteria (using the ANY criteria) - the name of the doc OR the verbatim URL - one of which would be present in every case you describe.

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Oh wow, duh. Yeah you’re right. Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll figure this stuff out one of these days. :man_facepalming:

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If you are at all interested, that was a form of fixation error. What we just practiced together was a form of crew resource management. Thanks for the exercise (and triggering me to go off and read this paper which I feel I should have been previously aware of).

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This is fantastic, thanks for sharing! I had no idea that had a name until now. I’ll definitely keep it top of mind.