Advanced sorter sidebars

I was wondering if its possible to have an advance sorter one with sidebars (left-right-up-down)?
Im taking an example of apps like paste or pastepal that have these functions its makes it easy to view files or search them. I don’t want to have the database window all the time open.

what also would nice to have is to have the option to choose the viewing part, for example instead of collection or pins you would have smart groups or smart rules.

user case would be: instead of opening the database window, I click on the sorter icon or use a shortcut after that a window on the bottom opens and I see all the stuff I’ve added today in the database or something else depends on what kind of rules you’ve set.

If there a ways to easy do this please let me know. been thinking of using a launcher but not sure yet

Welcome @gerrardb

There is no such function in the Sorter. It’s built as an input mechanism, not as a search tool.

You can use an smart group’s item link to open it.

Yeah I’ve noticed that.

that’s why its a feature request :slight_smile: