Advantages of DTPO over Finder to collect web links?

What would be the advantages of using DTPO to collect web page links into folders (for transfer to other folks) instead of using the Finder? Would this method save me time, be easier to work with or label, etc.?

The Finder is a bit cumbersome for this purpose, but would DTPO provide a better approach?

Big thanks once again Devon team and forum members.

The built-in browser is a major advantage, including the possibility to capture pages/PDFs/web archives/links/images, to easily set the title or to use “See Also” (since v2). Another advantage is the detection of duplicates.

Christian: Thank you again. I had no idea.

This must be what happens when one uses DTPO heavily for one purpose (like scanning business forms): other purposes vanish from one’s “top-of-mind” memory.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Is it easier to capture PDFs of web pages using the built-in browser, than by using Safari, printing to PDF, and dragging the PDF result into a DTPO window?

  2. How would one use “See Also” (since v2) with web links, and why?

Thanks again.

Yes. You have a contextual menu option to capture either as paginated or non-paginated PDf.

Click on the ‘magic hat’ icon of a displayed Web page and See Also will present a list of contextually similar documents that are already in the database.

It might be useful to see if one already has references of this kind.

And both these external methods are also easier:

• Use Add PDF document to DEVONthink under the Safari Scripts script menu, if it’s installed
• Use Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro under the PDF menu of print dialogs, if that PDF service has been installed

Either/both can be assigned keyboard shortcuts; plenty of other threads mention ways to do that.