Advantages of Multiple Databases


What are the advantages? I had three databases which I’ve just combined into a single database. Managing three seemed counter-intuitive. Now, I can use the AI powers of DT to search my single database.

What are others’ thoughts? Okay, I get the ‘personal’ vs. ‘work’ thing (but frankly, don’t understand why the former should be in DT, when that’s what the OS is for).


I can agree with you about a single db when they are as tightly-woven as yours appear to be. There are many others, I’m sure, who tend to work that way.

OTOH, I’m basically a retired hobbyist with several db’s relating to their respective hobbies (travel, gimmick rallies, computers). I also edit two widely-divergent newsletters so I keep track of articles and images in separate db’s. I’ve got a db dedicated to short stories that I’ve scanned from pulp magazines. I’ve got one dedicated to banking and business interests, another dedicated to “home” stuff - these two are necessary for keeping tax records together. Finally I have several temporary db’s full of junk that i need to sort through and assign to the more permanent db’s, stuff like ancient letters, miscellaneous PDFs, stuff imported from Together, and one called “Odds & Ends” (my old cinematography prof would call it “Stale Gum” after the clippings on the floor of the edit room).

And of course, the one db that I keep open all the time is the one dedicated to RSS feeds.

So there’s my assortment of databases. HTH!

added info: I’m a classic case of “scatterbrained-ness” and my organization skills are practically zero - both within the house and on my Mac. Classic ADHD.

All my databases are personal, since I don’t technically work, and I did not find the OS sufficient. My largest and most important database contains the resources used for educating my children. DT was invaluable for finding the dozens and dozens of duplicates that I had in those folders (constantly downloading the same docs without realizing and saving them in different places), and is wonderful for finding related resources for lesson planning.

However, I have an additional 5 smaller databases containing completely unrelated documents which would make absolutely no sense together. The AI powers of DT will never find a legitimate link between my tax returns and my children’s science lessons. My main database has about 3000 files in it and it’s messy, so when I am not working on school planning, I don’t want to look at it. Honestly, I can’t handle clutter at all, so when I am working on a particular project, I close all the other databases so that I can’t see them.