I have to say I’m disappointed and seriously turned off by the appearance of a DevonThink ad up in the corner of my DT Pro window! I think this is an intrusion on my workspace and would appreciate it if you would remove it ASAP!

I’m always happy to receive your emails offering upgrades, new products, etc., but I really don’t like this orange thing appearing in the corner of my eye.

Seems very unlike you to do something like this!

In the current DTPO I see no such ad and never have in previous versions. Are you sure this is not a beta? How about posting an image so we can see what you mean?

Here’s the screen shot of the orange link to your website offering DTPro Office that is in the top left of the window.
Top right DT window.jpg

Hmm. I’m with @Pvonk

That looks like a reminder that your copy is unlicensed, not an advertisement. Do you have DEVONthink Pro Office installed, or DEVONthink Pro? Have you entered your license info?


Then you know it is time to upgrade your trial before it is too late.

A recommendation - add the extra $ and get the PRO version, you will not be disappointed!

Best app I ever bought.

Not sure how that happened, but you are right. I do have had Pro Office installed and licensed on both my desktop and laptop. I have no idea how the license info disappeared from my laptop, which is what I normally work on, but it was a screw up, that’s for sure.

Fortunately I have the license information and now all is well.

Really appreciate your help; sorry for the somewhat testy original post – totally misunderstood that orange notice because I had no idea it meant the software license was gone. I did say it was unlike you, which has proved true!