Advice/best practice for setting up DT (for a new situation)

Yes, of course. Somehow mixed it up with Script Debugger’s auto-saving files which do appear in the same directory (which makes it necessary to ignore them in git). Thanks!

A bit of side-line pedantry from my specialist area - but highly relevant for DT.

“Best practice” correctly applies when there is just one (usually obvious) way to complete a task. E.g. building cars on a production line where tasks have to be done in a certain order, completed in a specific way before moving on to the next task. If you have heard of the Cynefin framework this is the “obvious” or “clear” domain.

“Good practice” applies when there is more than one way to achieve either the same, or an equally useful/good result. This is very much what DT offers. Cynefin calls this the “complicated” domain.

It’s a trivial bit of language correctness in some ways - but it is also philosophically a different way of thinking about how to resolve interactions with DT. There are almost always lots of possible approaches. Trying to find “the way” to do something, instead of “one way to do something” is not really my experience of DT and may not be the “best” approach.