Advice on potential replacement for TextEdit app?

EDITED: I have edited this message to avoid creating the confusion that there is a bug in DT3)

I am constantly struggling a bit with the TextEdit embedded in DT.

For me, the beauty of using rtf/rtfd in DT is the ease of embedding item link and image as a single package and the tight integration with the annotation pane. On the other hand, it is always difficult to move and manipulate the images within rtf file, and impossible to change the size of the image given the limitation of TextEdit.

I’m just wondering if there is any editor app that can work well with DT3 and is more capable in handling images in rtf/rtfd?

Thanks in advance.

You might take a look at Nisus Writer Pro. I find it useful and I believe there’s a 15-day trial.

Thank for the recommendation, I will definitely take a look.

I can move images around in RTF files in DEVONthink 3. Perhaps there’s something amiss in your script?

Yes, this is not a DT3b2 issue. Moving image in DT3 is exactly the same as DT2 but it has never been easy for me to size (impossible) or move (a bit tricky) images. I’m aware that it’s about the TextEdit, not DT.

The strange behaviour of sticky images happened after I ran a script to reformat my rtf/rtfd annotation files. Batch reformatting font (but retain bold and italic) for rtfd files.