Advice on syncing 2nd computer to a local sync store?

I have had persistent, intractable difficulties syncing a database via Dropbox between two computers; sync worked for without a problem for about a year and then persistently failed, while the amount of difference between the versions in the two computers grew.

Based on earlier advice here, I am attempting to sync the database not through Dropbox but using an external HD. I synced the more complete version up to the HD, giving it a variant name on the HD - “XX-portable” where the Dropbox version was “XX.” However, in attempting to sync the local sync store version down to the second computer, I am running into difficulties. DTPO in the second computer does not recognize the content on the XHD as new, and instead of importing it entire, wants to merge it with the existing out of date copy on the 2nd computer. Also, in the Sync pane in Prefs, it is recognizing the new version of the database as bearing the old name it used to have (“XX”), not the new name (“XX-portable”) i gave it on the XHD.

The online tutorial for Syncing does not address adding a local sync store to a second computer, so I am unsure what to do. If anyone could provide guidance, I would appreciate it.

A related question: To work-around Sync, which has been such a frustration, I have periodically copied and renamed versions of the same database to an XHD. When I attempt to open them on the second computer with the XHD connected, they open not under the name they have on the hard drive (eg, “XX-0923”), but under the original “XX” name that they had in Dropbox. Why is this and how can I change it?

A big no-no. See: Tuesday tip: Create databases always from scratch.

Please start a Support Ticket so we can get you up and running. Thanks.

roger wilco.