Advice on syncing options

I don’t really understand the syncing options well, and most of what I read in the forums is way over my head.

Saying that, I’ve used syncing via local sync store, iCloud, and Dropbox successfully. My question is, which one is right for me? And, can (and/or should) I use more than one?

I keep DT on my desktop and laptop. I purchased DT2go for my iPhone, but don’t find myself using it at all.

I have slow internet (10gb download, and less than 1gb upload), and my computers connect in the house via wifi, they are not connected via ethernet cable to the modem/router.

While I travel with my laptop occasionally, both computers are at the house 99% of the time.

Which is the best syncing solution for me?

Also, can both computers (database is stored on the hard drive of each computer) have the databases open at the same time, (I’d only be working on one) so that syncing happens continuously, instead of all at once next time I open the laptop?

I’m curious if you read the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync? The documentation is also in beta and we’d like to know how it reads to users.

Yes, the computers can have the databases open at the same time. They each have their own local copy and are independent of each other.

And you need to decide if you need a remote sync solution. I do not advocate people use one, unless there is a need for it.

Thank you. Yes I have read the help documentation. I guess then, I really don’t need the iCloud syncing enabled.

I still don’t understand the different in syncing via Bonjour or via Local Sync Store. I “think” I understand the the local sync store creates a folder, and bonjour does not, but I totally don’t get why I would use one versus the other.

A Bonjour connection is direct - device to device, but it requires DEVONthink or DTTG to be open with the syncing databases.

A local sync store - only for Mac-to-Mac syncing - can be used by a Mac regardless if the other Mac is on.

Note: Local sync stores can’t be used with DEVONthink To Go.

Thank you Jim, that was very helpful! I think a local sync store is the best option for my needs, I appreciate it!

You’re welcome @tinksquared
It’s a very fast and reliable mechanism when doing Mac-to-Mac syncing, IMHO

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