advice on usage scenario

OK, I am perplexed. I was working fine in DevonThink, but cannot get Devon Pro to work the way I want.

I am trying to maintain a database of pdf files (technical articles) which I store in a folder external to the dtbase. I want to be able to transport this database between different computers and work on it on both places. I would like NOT to copy all of the pdfs into the database to keep file size smaller. I have tried and cannot seem to do this (this was working ok in DevonThink). Is this usage scenario no longer possible (I have even made the file structure identical between machines)?

Whether you keep your PDFs in an external folder, or import them into the DT Pro database Files folder is a wash. You will be using the same amount of disk space. In either case, you should keep an external backup of your hard drive for safety’s sake.

Suggestion: In DT Pro, take a look at the Info panel for one of your PDF files that was imported into DT Personal. Look at the Path field carefully. If you are working with two computers whose drives have only a single partition, it should be a simple matter to place your folder of PDF files so that the Paths work on both computers. If your computers have partitioned hard drives, your folder of PDF files must be placed in the equivalent and identically named partition as on the first computer. This can be problematic. Example: Your PDF folder is on the second partition of Computer #1’s hard drive. But Computer #2 has only a single partition. Result: The Paths of the files in DT Pro will inevitably be broken on Computer #2.

I have successfully migrated my databases from one computer to another, a total of three times. As Computer #1 had partitions, I had to partition the second and third computers and make certain that the partition (the second volume) on which my PDF folder was stored on Computer #1 had the identical partition name on Computer #2 and Computer #3. By the time I had done this, I was wishing that I had imported all my PDFs into the database files folder in the first place! :slight_smile:

If you are still having trouble with the links to the PDF files, send a message to Support with information about the volume structures on each computer (partitioned or not, if so, partition volume names on both computers) and the full Path field of a PDF document on the first computer. Perhaps we can solve your problem.