Advice sought re PDF annotation workflow

Hi everyone,

My current PDF excerpt/annotation workflow is as follows: I read PDFs on Skim (though any app would do), then copy-paste the passage I want to excerpt and comment on into the Sorter using the note-taking function (⇧⌘N), which allows me to add a page number and some quick comments before saving everything into the designated folder/group in my DTP “Reading notes” database.

There’s one problem with this: The clipped text as displayed in the Sorter window, in dark mode, appears as black against a dark grey background, making it rather difficult to read (and add to). Is there any way to change the font colour in the Sorter window?

Or perhaps this whole workflow could be simplified/improved upon, for instance, by using DTP’s own PDF annotation capabilities? I’m grateful for any and all suggestions!

Which version of DEVONthink & macOS and which note format (e.g. rich text) do you use?

You could indeed view the document in DEVONthink and use the Annotations & Reminders inspector. Back links and quotes can be easily inserted into the annotation via the popup menu.

It sounds like you might like Highlights. It’s an app focused on what you’re trying to do, and it has direct DEVONthink integrations.

However it is also requires a subscription for the Pro features. Just mentioning it in case someone doesn’t prefer that model.

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Thank you for your advice everyone!

I use DEVONThink 3 (3.0.4) on my Macbook Pro, and my note format is rich text (but it appears the problem persists in all other formats as well).

I will check out the in-app Annotations & Reminders inspector and also have a look at Highlights.