Advisability of Combining Databases

I currently have nine databases comprising a total size of a little less than 20GB. Is there any noticeable advantage or disadvantage to combining some or all?

What problems do you have that relate to maybe this would fix?

I’m experiencing no issues at all. Just wondering whether there might be some advantage to having one large or fewer individual databases…perhaps quicker syncing with DTTG or something else I may not be aware of.

A large database wouldn’t sync faster, especially in the initial sync as the whoe database would have to be uploaded to the sync location. Previously synced data from the smaller databases would have no bearing on syncing the larger combined one.

I would not combine smaller, more focused databases unless there was a compelling reason.

How about the reverse situation
Would you recommend splitting a 20GB database?

Not necessarily. It depends on the reason and the kind of files in the database.

The number of words and unique words in File > Database Properties for a database is the critical factor regardign performance. I’d suggest splitting a database if performance was becoming an issue.

Other reasons could be to create smaller databases for use with DEVONthink To Go, or just because it makes sense to have smaller, more focused databases.