Advise on using multiple computers

I would be grateful if someone could offer me some syncing advise on how to best sync three computers “online”.

I have a few databases that I keep in sync using an USB stick. I will continue to do this for the majority of them, but I would also like to have a sync that’s “always there”. In other words, the sync should be “automatic” without me having to think about it (the USB stick solution requires me to make sure I have the USB stick with me, mount the USB, remember to remove and take it with me when I leave, etc).

My first idea for a solution was to use Dropbox, but from what I understand the only way Dropbox should be used is to connect using the “dropbox connection alternative” in the sync dialog and since one of the Macs uses a different Dropbox account a dropbox solution doesn’t seem to be an alternative.

The second alternative seem to be to use for example Box since it supports WebDAV. So my question is if Box/WebDAV is a good solution? Is there something I should thing about? Is there a better solution?

  1. The Sync can be set on an interval. That’s as automatic as it gets.

  2. Bear in mind that the Dropbox (or any remote Sync location) option is not the best option for every situation. I usually only advise using it when Syncing machines cannot geographically get any closer.
    The USB method is actually far faster and far more reliable, and as for forgetting it. Make it as habitual as putting on your pants or carrying your wallet (both of which are undoubtedly larger than a USB drive) every day.

  3. If you want to use Dropbox anyways, read my blog post: … h-friends/


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  1. That’s good enough for me

  2. I have forgotten both wallet and pants … pants not that often though :laughing:

  3. Is there any difference in reliability between using Dropbox or Box/WebDAV. Creating a new 2GB Dropbox account would work for what I want to do … on the other hand I have an unused 50GB Box account …

In my testing I haven’t had any particular issues with Box’s WebDAV.

OK, thanks

Could anyone point me to some instructions on how to achieve the USB sync. It seems to be an elegant solution.


In Preferences > Sync, click the Plus button and choose Add New Local Sync Store. Choose the USB drive as your location and you’re all set.

Note: Many external drives are formatted FAT32 for Mac/PC compatibility. For best performance, it’s always good to reformat them to HFS+ with /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.