After all these years, I still don't know how to use DEVONagent

Recently I thought I could use it to monitor a few websites and it would notify me whenever changes occur on those sites.

So I created a search set which regularly crawls a list of sites, for example this one: --> this link goes to the sites list, mode set to “crawl”

Standard query and secondary query are both set to “*” so that ANY change would be noted…

Tab “Advanced” I am setting results to “only new results”

No need for any module, so I am not checking anything here…

Timing is set to hourly, and it should send an eMail once it finds changes.

BUT IT DOESNT WORK. I made an initial test run and it sent me an eMail, but since then the sites had changed content, but I received no notification and no change has been added to Devonthink.

What the HELL am I doing wrong??? Why does the initial scan give me results, but changes are not sent to me anymore? :sob:

Actually DEVONagent’s primary purpose is searching and not monitoring web pages, therefore a more specific search term is highly recommended. Anyway, does the search set ignore the cache?

I’d like to argue about your first comment that a repeated search is basically monitoring of a site though :wink:

And yes, the tab plan has ignore cache checked. What does this do?

Any recommendation what should be set as search term instead of * ? Some general term?

Ignore the cache (see Preferences > Search), otherwise the search set would not return new results until the cache is emptied (e.g. on quit).

Could you export the search set and upload a zipped copy?

Got it! Sorry for the late response, I am pretty swamped. (1.8 KB)

All the set is supposed to do is scan the linked websites and throw a report if anything changes…

I would suggest to use a more specific search term, e.g. a bunch of words and the OR operator (like CDU or SPD or …)

…in the primary or secondary query?

The primary is sufficient, the secondary is not necessary at all