After installing iPhone backup unclear message from Devonthink Sync

Dear Sirs,
I have an iPhone with DTG installed and all the databases dowloaded and in sync with iCloud. The iPhone needed repair. I made a backup. I installed the iPhone backup on the repaired iPhone. After the backup I opened DTG on my iPhone. I opened settings. There was no cloud sync activated, even though it was activated on the iPhone before repair. Therefore I choose iCloud again. Now all the databases appear in the settings window but the button on the left is grey and I can choose which database to sync. Behind all the databases there is “local” written. When I choose a database and change the button to green, then a message appears saying “This database was not fully downloaded on this device. If you are uploading this database to another Sync location, this can lead to problems, as some objects are missing”
This message is absolutely useless. 1. I do not upload anything to another sync location. I used iCloud before. 2. The databases cannot donwload anything, as the Cloud option was not yet activated after the backup. 3. It is completely unclear what this message means.
So what shall I do ? Ignore the message ? Will I risk loosing data ? Do I really have to download everything again which takes an awful long time ?
Thanks for your help and please DevonThink programmers, change that message so that it is clear how to proceed.


Are you also syncing DEVONthink on a Mac to the iCloud sync location?

Yes I do

You get that message when you are doing a shallow sync, i.e. using Download Files: On Demand.

If you are connecting to the same sync location you were previously using, the contents of the files should be in the sync location, so you can press Proceed.

If you were connecting to a new sync location, one not synced to by the Mac, DEVONthink To Go wouldn’t have the contents to upload to the new sync location and then you would have a problem.

Thank you very much. That was very helpful and makes everything clear and I know what to do know.

Thanks again for your help.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: