After moving database to encrypted disk image ...

After I moved my database to an encrypted disk image as described in the tutorial, clicking on the DT icon in the dock does not seem to bring up the database. When I tried to select the default database in the preference, the alias file name is grayed out. What should I do with the default so that clicking on the DT in the dock to bring the database up?

Another question is about backup. Now the databse is in the encrpted disk image, should I make any changes to the way of doing either internal backup or manual external backup using the scripts?

Thanks in advance for any helps on these questions.

DEVONthink cannot “see” the database unless the encrypted disk image that contains it is first opened. That’s the purpose of the encrypted disk image, to “hide” the database.

Once the disk image has been mounted and the database opened under DEVONthink, all procedures will operate normally.

Thanks, Bill. I understand that the encrypted disk image needs to be opened. However, the tutorial online article gives this tip:

Therefore, I am wondering, instead of clicking on the alias, can I insert an appropriate default in the DT preference, so that when I click on the DT icon in the dock, it would automatically mount the encrypted disk image and open the database? Otherwise the dock DT icon is only operative when the database is already open, Before doing the encryption, I can drop things on the dock icon anytime, whether the database is open or not, and the item would be saved. I miss that functionality.