After OCR rename file based on certain words or parts in the PDF?

There are two. The one shown above (post 14) does the renaming after DT3 does its OCR. The initial one moves the file to DT and marks it for OCR:

Thiis is not easy with Hazel if the billing number has 5 digits and also 5 other numbers in the pdf and the scan has separated even “billing number” and the number itself into columns.
I just tried pdfzone which does the job by Area but it does not automate anything. I dont need an app I have to put stuff in and collect after.

Do you need any help here or are you just expressing an opinion? I don’t quite understand it from your post.

Yeah I need help. I would like to auto rename pdfs by content. I can not point Hazel to extract the number I need. I can get strings from pdf to Hazel and rename the pdf but I can not get the numbers I need.
pdfzone gets the numbers as 1 2 3 4 5 instead 12345. Something that I guess will not happen all the time scanning by OCR. Cant make a rule for Hazel for this. I cant tell it to take some characters from a specific area.

This is a DEVONthink forum, so Hazel and other tools are not really on topic.
So your question might be better answered in a Hazel forum.

MybBest guess is that you craft a regular expression to recognize your number in a Hazel file. But since your description is very vague, this answer is, too.

Well as DT does not scan the pdf and renames it , I think it is on topic as the file goes to DT.
I managed to do the renaming by Hazel variables. Not really elegantly solved but works. This is OCR down not scan by rob but by block which makes finding the right element hard and sometimes impossible also scans like 1 1 1 1 instead 1111 makes it hard. So it always works to name by the firm that’s in the document, some constant if you like, but not always variables like receipt number.