After reset - black screen

After all the trouble I had with syncing, I tried the reset switch in the apps preferences. Now DTTG won’t start, all I see is a black screen.

Where are your quality checks before releasing such a bunch of bugs?

No help I know but FWIW Apple only allows 100 devices for developers to test stuff for the iPhone/iPod/iPad SW. So the maximum population of devices is quite limited and this necessarily limits how much quality testing can get done before release. While it would be nice to test all possible combinations, the restrictions Apple puts on developers mean that of necessity apps are pretty much untested when they get released into the wild. I know developers try but 100 test systems is not nearly enough.

but if the question were 100 people decent at QA? :slight_smile:

Some of the beta testers are sticklers for QA. But DT To Go has been out in the “wild” for only a day at this point.

I’m puzzled as to why there are a number of reports that the Sync group isn’t showing up in databases opened by users under the 2.0.5 version of DEVONthink applications. That plugin has been working well in tests for some time. I’ve never had a problem with it.

And yet it’s obvious that a great many are successfully syncing to DT To Go.

Even with the DEVONthink applications, which have been around for years and have many thousands of users, we still see the occasional strange event resulting from software configurations on computers, or from strange “flavors” of files – especially old WebArchives and variants of the PDF filetype.

I’m not one of the developers, but I’m sure they will appreciate the problem reports received on this, the first day after release, and will resolve the issues. When filing a bug report, a description of what occurred and any associated error messages can be helpful.

Maybe the problem is more widespread than it was expected, it’s only showing up in numbers today probably because a lot of people upgraded to 2.0.5 only today when they saw DevonToGO appearing on the appstore ( that’s my case).
Those who did already upgrade to 2.0.5 before and have this problem , simply never payed attention to the lack of Sync group , as it was not needed at that time.

It definitely did not happen to all 50+ beta testers involved. That is the reason why we did not discover it yet and we still have to find out why it is happening to some and not to others.

Maybe you’d consider adding another to the group? :slight_smile: