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I’ve an new trouble since the last update. I use an Scansnap to scan an multi pages document when the scan are automatically send to Devonthink the OCR start and after the process the order of the page of my document are change randomly ! How can I fix it ?


What might be useful is if you can post here a small example of two versions of the file: before and after OCR by DEVONthink.

Yep why not. Actually the file are automatically send between Scansnap manager and Devon, I don’t have two file. I saw the process of scan in Scansnap manager window (and I saw the pages are in the right scan order) after I have only the OCR status bar in left down corner of Devon main window. The result are the pages are in alea order.

The file which was sent from ScanSnap to DT can be found in the (system) trash, assuming you have marked Original Document: Move to Trash in the DT preferences. Otherwise the original file will be in the (system) folder which you have defined in ScanSnap Home (default: /Users/you/Documents/ScanSnap Home folder)

As @rmschne suggested, it may be helpful to compare the two documents. In addition, please say which versions of DT and ScanSnap Home (or ScanSnap Manager) you are using. And which update are you referring to? Neither DT nor SSH have been recently updated to my knowledge; but the OCR engine has been (check your version at /Users/you/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Abbyy/DTOCRHelper)

Ok guys. I made an 5 pages scan, with and without move to trash pref check/uncheck. In fact in the two ways an “original” scan are put in Scansnap Home folder. It"s seem to are in wrong order (the number top back of each page are not progressive ).

Version DT : 3.5.2
ScanSnap : 3.2.91

The update of DT, I presume the last because I don’t have trouble before.

file from Snapscan saving folder :

2020_09_19_11_05_42.pdf (2.0 MB)

File from DT/inbox.dtbas.2/Files.noindex/pdf/4/ :

2020_09_19_11_00_25.pdf (1.2 MB)

Ok, I’ve change the destination of ScanSnap scan from DT to Aperçu,

The trouble are from the save scan from ScanSnap !

The pages are in wrong order out of the software. I try to search Fujitsu troubles database …

Based on the version number you have quoted, I assume you are using ScanSnap Manager. Version 3.2.91 has not changed for a long time, so it is unlikely an update (to DT or SSM) has caused the behaviour you are describing. Depending on the OS and scanner you are using, you may be able to use the more recent V7 of ScanSnap Manager, or ScanSnap Home (see here).

You might want to read this in the Evernote forums, which describes exactly the problems you are having, together with various suggestions.

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Ok I try to reinstall fresh version of Scansnap …

Ok V7.0.201001 of Scansnap install made, it’s work perfect on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

Trouble are fix.

Special tank’s to Blanc :slight_smile:

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