After the first week


after a week heavy use of DTP I want to give a short newbie feedback:

Beside the things that brought me to DTP (wiki links, cross links, search facilities) I like:

  • AppleScript Support
  • many windows with different views to the same data (one thing OmniOutliner is lacking)
  • speed
  • this forum and the support of the DEVONpeople

There were a few things very confusing at the beginning. They are all solved for me now, but you might find it helpful to look thru they eyes of a newbie and his mistakes:

  • Make link or highlight did not work as discribed until I discovered that they only work in RTF not with plain text
  • re-ordering of items in the left pane (split view) did not work until I discoverd that the sorting was by name
  • re-ordering is never possible in three-pane view as they are always by name
  • the rtf mini outliner with opt-tab does not work in split view because the same comand is used for switching the panes
  • DTP was eating the German Umlauts and some things did not work at all (browse arrows…) until I discovered that these were issues under Leopard and I had to wait for the update (after that: fine :wink:

Finally sometimes my old habits (thinking MySQL or FileMaker, missing tags and fields and so on) were confused by DTP approach - but I switched because I reached the limit of such databases for my project.

After a few days my data are now waiting within DTP and I am looking forward to go back to writing tomorrow using the new tool.