After Trial Can not access Files


I did a trial for Devon Think on my Power Mac, Intel. With the time I spent it seemed to be over my head. I would like to discontinue and go back to the Mac. I now can not view many of my files or my downloads. Please can anyone assist me into gaining access to my files or will I forever be in Devon THink. It gives me the message "Beta has expired on 31 May 09 Visit our web site for the final release for out download page.

Thank you for any assistance with my problem.

Well, just follow the hint and simply download a fresh copy from our web site replacing the one you have on your hard disk. As soon as DEVONthink moves out of beta, this behavior, which forces you to periodically update your copy, will of course vanish.

All of your files are in a folder named ‘file.noindex’,inside your database. If necessary, you could move or copy all of them. But if you were to do that, you would lose the database’s organization.

So I suggest that you delete the expired application from your Applications folder and replace it by downloading and installing the current release.If you were running DEVONthink Personal that is easily done. But if you were running DT pro or DT Pro Office and the Sorter is still running, you must first quit the Sorter. If you can see a little translucent icon along one side of your screen, named DEVONthink, that’s the Sorter. Click on it to open it. Near the bottom is an action button that looks like a cogwheel. Click that button, then click on ‘Hide’. Now you can delete and replace the expired DT Pro or DT Pro Office beta.

There’s a reason I suggested reinstalling the application, even though you don’t plan to use it in the future. This will allow you to recover Not only your files but the way they were organized. That might save you a lot of work.

Launch the application. Press Command-A to select ALL the contents of the database, then choose File > Export> Files & Folders. Create a new folder to hold the exported material, and confirm the operation.

Now you have recovered your files, and in the folder-file structure of the database.