after updating to 2.9 "1 schwere Dateifehler gefunden..."

After upgrading to V 2.9 i got following message:
“1 schwere Dateifehler gefunden. Bitte verwenden Sie das letzte Backup oder bauen Sie die Datenbank neu auf und überprüfen Sie die Daten anschließend!”

If I use “Neuaufbau” there are lots of message like “…noindex… übersprungen”
and finally the Database is empty.

If I use “Backup verwenden” the Database is write protected and I can’t save any new docs.

What do you need to help me.

with regards

One possibility is to restore a Time Machine backup (or any other full backup of the database package). Or you could try this:

  1. Select the database in the Finder, choose “Show Package Contents” in the contextual menu
  2. Copy (!) the most recent Backup folder to the desktop
  3. Copy (!) the Files.noindex folder into the copied (!) Backup folder
  4. Add the file extension .dtBase2 to the Backup folder

Now you should be able to open the copied Backup folder by double-clicking on it. If it’s opened without any issues, then please use Tools > Verify & Repair (or even better, use Tools > Verify & Repair and Tools > Rebuild) to ensure that everything’s fine.

If there should be still issues, repeat the above procedure with an older Backup folder.