After updating: where did note taking go?

Hi –

I just updated to 2.0 pb 7. There used to be a note taking functionality that I could call up with a key combination.

Not any more.

Am I just blind or did this function also disappear from my “preferences” in the DTpro menu?

Or am I missing something here?

In any case: I used this funtionality a lot and would like to have it back…


Note-taking has moved to the Sorter, so that it will be available even when the DEVONthink Pro/Office application isn’t running.

You’ve still got a keyboard shortcut – see Preferences > Sorter.

And Note is also an option in the Sorter.

That’s kind of disappointing for people who’d like to use that feature without running Sorter, e.g. me, but understandable that working without DTP(O) running is useful.

Thank you, Bill.

I agree with sjk: I was glad I didn’t have to have the sorter open.


Me too. I use a mac air and found the sorter got in the way, but really liked being able to call up notes. Disappointed.

… and I discovered just now (I hope that I am wrong) that having the Sorter open and thus being able to take a quick note also means that I can’t call up the panel that allows me to put a clip (text or image) into the desired folder.

The Sorter has the big disadvantage that it can’t hold all the 50 or 60 folders that I have.

So it’s either being able to take a quick note but having little folder choice; or not being able to take a note but having the folder panel open.

I really hope I am missing something here.


Check the setting of Preferences > Import - Destination. The ‘Select group’ option does not conflict with the Sorter, or vice versa.

Thank you for your swift answer, Bill.

Yet: when the Sorter is open, the panel doesn’t come up; and when the Sorter is closed there is no note-taking.

With “panel” I mean this here:
Bild 1.jpg

I am sure now:

There is no way to have both at the same time: the panel and the note-taking functionality.

I really don’t think this is right. An update should not take away functions. What seems like a small deal to a developer actually can mean a big deal for a user.

In my case this is really irritating. DTP is my foremost tool. I use it many hours everyday for my work as a journalist.

It is not very considerate to treat customers this way.


Thanks, Devon folks, for the many features in the update.

But may I second the request in this thread? It was extremely useful to be able to route quick notes to any desired folder via the HUD panel. Now it’s really a big pain to have them all land in the inbox, where they need to be sorted out later on.

I’m frustrated, but not worried–you guys are very responsive. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Perhaps if this was the final release, but it seems unfairly premature to judge DTech based on changes they’re making during relatively dynamic beta product testing (which presumably you’ve volunteered to participate in and hopefully provide productive feedback).

I did not volunteer for anything. Why should I? I paid around a 100 Euros sometime in June for DTP 2 along with DA.

I like DTP 2 a lot. As I said it is my foremost tool. But the developers in my opinion are not very skillful when it comes to dealing with their customers.

This is my second negative experience with the developers. The first involved the “expiration date” of DTP 2. The update that extended the expiration date came just a day or two before the app presumably went dead. This is, I repeat, no way to treat a customer.


For whatever reason(s), you chose (“volunteered”) to purchase and use a product during its beta testing period. I’m not interested in rehashing previous discussions about DTech selling betas, etc. nor further discussing “support politics” (e.g. Customer service 101: play it straight) in this thread.

I’d like to know if/how note taking functionality might eventually return without the Sorter dependency. My hunch is it’s going to remain Sorter-dependent so it usable without DTP(O) running. If true, those of us not running Sorter may be interested in alternatives.

It is rather quite simple: we’re just sticking the old plugin back (without the hot key on Pro/Office because we reserve that for the Sorter) and you can do whatever you want. DEVONthink: it’s all about choice®.

Thanks, Annard.

Sorry, Annard–I’m confused. Which plug-in are you referring to?

(What I’m looking to do is get back the ability to invoke a key combination, take a quick note, and then have the choice of what folder it lands in. How should I be doing that?)