After upgrading to 2.3 all tags have been removed

All tens of thousands of tags I’ve assigned to thousands of entries have been completely wiped/removed.

Can someone help me fix this before I pull out some hair :frowning:

All the tags created in the Tags group are still present in my databases.

Did you perhaps use normal groups to classify items? Normal groups are also a form of tags.

The default behavior in File > Database Properties was to leave unchecked the option to exclude groups from tagging. Beginning with version 2.3, the default behavior is to exclude groups from tagging.

If that’s the issue, uncheck that option in each of your databases to restore the previous behavior.

Thanks BIll - that fixed the problem.

It seems like DT could have done a quick scan of the groups in each db. If there were any groups that were individually Exclude from… Tagging then the db level setting would have been left off because that would have implied that other groups were intentionally used as tags.

I know that would have saved me a couple minutes of panic.

Panic, Overwhelm, Annoyance… ahhhhhhhhhh!

sigh… relief… whew… yes, a little notice would have ben helpful.