Again about PDF captures with DT

I complained about this already several times, but as I again run into problems, I wanted to showcase this:

I got the following link about 200000 free masons in the UK and one of their lodge meetings, which I found to be terrible … and wanted to preserve the website:

Doing so with DT and “PDF (paginated)” gave a bad result, trying “(one page)” was not better, but not what I saw in the webbrowser.

As there is a “more” section, I tried to repeat with first opening the link in DT, then openeing the “more” section and then capturing … did gave as bad results as the first try.

I finally resorted to using my iPad, made a screenshot and saved it as PDF - and this is perfect!

The screenshots of the PDFs:

Also also the whole PDF from the iPad, as reference:

httpswww.bitchute.comvideoBymz7GIUCexr.pdf (248.0 KB)

Ah, and BTW, when trying to capture with DT, the video on the webpage will start to play.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Ah, and BTW, when trying to capture with DT, the video on the webpage will start to play.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

No. This is controlled by the site, not our extension.

Browse the bookmark in DEVONthink and use Data > Capture there.

You probably meant Data / Convert / to PDF (paginated) …

I tried this, but this is also unusable:

It seems, that DT tries to interprete and change something when capturing … something that it does not do when it simply renders the page.

Currently, it seems not possible to capture PDFs with DT from websites because there is some chance that it will be broken or unusable.
I would need to double check each and every time and try different render-methods or even finally use an iPad to get the page.

You sure understand that this is not very satisfying :wink:

I seem to remember that there were changes planned for the capturing process …
Is this still planned?
Would this probably better the situation?

Why don’t you print to PDF using the share button? Your preferred search engine knows all about that.

Now, while this does not introduce any errors, it also does not create the PDF with the open section (by the “more” button).

So it is not what I am seeing at the moment.
I was hoping that DT can do this better.

But the main point here is, that this is not what I have as situation - I have lots of bookmarks in DT and I then create PDFs and webarchives with DT!
But the PDFs are often broken … so DT cannot do what I need because of the situation (or bug) …

But it seems that I need to create PDFs from my iPad, in cases where this is doable.
That does not help for my many many links within DT that I would like to convert and archive - I would need to do this manually, one bye one.

I’m finding it hard to follow what it is you are doing, or trying to do. However, I think I have understood enough to suggest you capture the website as html and then convert to pdf in a second step. I use that procedure for a specific with good results (whereas capturing directly to pdf didn’t work for that website). It may be worth a try.

I suspect only DEVONtech can confirm or deny a bug; I regularly see the situation you describe when “printing” a website or email to pdf (without DT being part of the game), so I fear this may not be something DT can readily solve.

There is no 100% bulletproof method of capturing web content, especially with dynamic content delivery and pages using JavaScript for all sorts of purposes.

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