Agent dislike sidecars :)

I have to report this repeated crash cause:

in a plain DA with DEEP INTERNET SCAN and similar pages and junk filter options actived, if i search the two terms URAL SIDECAR it crashes after about two hours (i’m unable to monitor the exact point of crash).

I have a new mac mini intel core duo with 2gb of ram (!).

This is most probably caused by an Apple Webkit bug. Have you enabled plugins in the Web preferences? Especially flash content is prone to cause problems. Try disabling these.
In any case, you can send us the crash report that is normally found in your Home Folder: Library/Logs/CrashReporter/DEVONagent.crash.log and send it to and we can verify if WebKit is the cause.


xizzy, although that WebKit bug tends to bit rather infrequently, it is frustrating to end up with no results after 2 hours.

Here’s another of my “workarounds” to guarantee that you’ll end up with results for those deep searches:

[1] Create a new set (no plugins will be enabled) or a custom copy of your predefined search set (e.g., Medical). If you created a new set, enable any plugins and/or sites for the search. (Use Tools

[2] The trick is to set your custom search set to pull smaller numbers of items per plugin, to archive the search results each time the set is run, and to filter items previously saved to the archive. In other words, a scheduled search that you can repeat either manually or automatically.

So use Tools > Edit Search Sets and in the General tab check the option to save results to the Archive, and reduce the number of results per plugin to a smaller number.

[3] In the Actions tab check the options to save results to the Archive and to display only new results. (You can set additional options if desired.)

[4] In the Schedule tab select Never if you will rerun the search manually until the number of new results becomes very small, or Hourly or other frequency if the search is to be rerun automatically.

Note that if the topic is one in which you have a continuing interest, you can periodically rerun your custom search set to pull new results that have appeared on the Web since your last run. Perhaps you could set the frequency for Weekly for that purpose.

Tip: Remember also that DA holds material in the cache following a run that crashed. So after a two hour run then you ended up with no results, you can repeat the run by instructing DA to also search the cache – in fact there’s a search set that will only search the cache. That can save time if DA already has information in the cache, as that search will be much faster than going back out to the Net.