AgentScience & Devon Technologies - what's in it for use

Soooo…Devon Technologies has formed a “strategic alliance” with AgentScience. The details are failry vague at this point, and the following sentence is especially of interest:

“AgentScience Technologies sub-licenses technology from DEVONtechnologies LLC to provide its enterprise clients with a first-of-its-kind solution designed to turn the threatening information overload into manageable knowledge.”

What does it mean for existing users? AgentScience is obviously interested to create some kind of enterprise class tool using the existing Devon technolgies. What about the individual users? Will they get slowly out of the focus? What does the crystall ball say? :slight_smile:
So far my eperience with Devon people has been great, but in the past I’ve seen a few good companies and their products get ruined by such acquisitions or mergers…

No, they won’t. AgentScience uses a DT Pro engine for their customers, but it’s THEY who are building these solutions, not us. We just provide some hooks in the engine they can use to directly access it.

The the other discussion in “Feedback”:



Thanks Eric for trying to clear up things for us. After I posted this topic I’ve seen that there is already an ongoing discussion in the Feedback forum, and I admit that I’m sharing most of the concerns expressed there.
I will still hope for the best, and I wish best of luck to Devon Technologies. I guess we should step back a bit and give you guys some time to settle down, maybe we are just making a lot of noise for nothing. Time will tell!