Ahem. Standard edition?

I see that Devon’s products page is still promising the standard edition of DEVONthink for “Q3/2003”. Unless the team is also working on DEVONtimemachine, that deadline has passed. How long till we get at least a beta? I’d really like to be able to split my overlarge database, and use some of the other features.

There will never be a Standard Edition - the name will be “Pro Edition” :slight_smile: DT pro will definitely come this year, can’t provide a more concrete date at the moment. Sorry.

Perhaps you could update the product page (which was where I found the term Standard, as well as Personal and Enterprise)?

The product page will be updated within the next days (while releasing v1.7.2).

Ahem. the end of 2003 is closing in fast. Eagerly awaiting the former "standard" now "Professional Edition" I was wondering if it will be available this year. Or will the update just be another product page update ?
Make that a please please please

There will be a beta (probably internal) after the holiday season. As you’re a beta tester, you’ll receive this beta as soon as possible.

The official product pages still talk about "End of 2003" for Pro and "Q4/2003" for the EE…  :)

Last statement is kind of a "relict" - should be 2004 (see ReadMe for example) :slight_smile: And DT Pro will come at the end of the month or beginning of February.

Is Pro still coming in February?

No. We’re currently fixing DT v1.8 & DA 1.2.1 bugs and finishing some other releases too (but all this should be done within the next week). DT 1.8.1 includes lots of invisible changes in preparation for DT Pro.